The Perfect of chocolate

What’s better than warming up with a delicious winter cappuccino ?

In winter, it exist a solution for cheer up : the CHOCOLATE. Despite the cold, don’t sad be happy. I will present you a recipe of chocolate cake with a cappuccino of chocolate. I advise you to eat this cake around a fire place with your family.  Yum-Yum… !


Serves 6

Difficulty : note-2-etoiles (low)


Time : 15 minutes

Cooking : 20 minutes

Materials :

  • 1 Saucepan
  • 1 Baking tin


Ingredients : 

  • 150g dark chocolate
  • 100g of sugar
  • 25g of vanilla sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 15 cl of milk
  • 20 cl of fresh cream
  • 20 g of cocoa powder


Dark Chocolate


Preparation of cake :

  1. You melt chocolate in bain-marie or in microwaves.
  2. For this recipe, you have to separate the eggs ; the whites of egg yolks. Then, you pour the sugar on egg yolks and you beat the mix.
  3. In a saucepan, boil the milk with the vanilla sugar and add the preparation based of egg yolks. Cook the whole at low temperature and keep mixing constantly until a thickening.
  4. Out of fire, add the melted chocolate and beat it.
  5. Incorporate the fresh cream then pour the preparation in a baking tin or many individual baking tins.
  6. Cook the preparation during 20 minutes at 180 degree Celsius.
  7. You can dust the cake with icing sugar or cocoa powder.



TIPS of OPERAL FOOD : It’s possible to create your own vanilla sugar : let a vanilla pod directly in your box of sugar.


4 enfants à table noir et blanc____

TASTER : “This cake has a lot of success in my family.  It is delicious ! Most importantly, it is very easy to cooking.”


The Cappuccino of Chocolate 

Difficultynote-1-etoile (low)


Time : 10 minutes

Materials :

  • A mug or cup according to your want
  • 1 Saucepan


Ingredients : 

  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 30 cl of milk
  • 10 cl of fresh cream
  • 20g of vanilla sugar
  • 1 spoon of cocoa powder


The Cappuccino of Chocolate


Preparation of Cappuccino : 

  1. In the first place, melt the dark chocolate and the milk in a saucepan
  2. In another plat, beat fresh cream and vanilla sugar until to get a Chantilly cream.
  3. Then, pour the hot chocolate in a cup or a mug.
  4. Cover hot chocolate of Chantilly cream.
  5. You can dust the Chantilly cream with cocoa powder.



TIPS of OPERAL FOOD : For people who like coffee, you can add a spoon of coffee in the saucepan of melted chocolate.


4 enfants à table noir et blanc___

TASTER : “Thank you for this recipe, it is an authentic cappuccino for Christmas. You taste it without moderation !”



Thank you for your attention. Please feel free to post your suggestions, pictures or questions in a comment. I wish you a good reading and let’s go cooking !



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